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About US

All offerings performed with loving kindness.


The joyful Buddhas- Health & Wellbeing Studio

The Joyful Buddhas is a space of silence, a space where all beings are welcome and encouraged to slow their pace of daily life and enjoy each & every moment. Incorporating yoga, dance, massage, energy balance, meditation and more, The Joyful Buddhas offers many tools to help balance, heal & rejuvenate all souls. All therapists & instructors perform & guide with a pure sense of loving kindness and joy.

logoDuring the practice of yoga, combining movement, mind & breath, one becomes submersed in the moment, the here and now. Being truly present is a magical experience, an experience which can be attained through the practice of yoga & meditation. The majority of society today live hectic & demanding lives, resulting in a mind that is rarely present, a body that is exhausted and stressed, and a breath that is short & shallow. Our aim at the Joyful Buddhas is to relax, rejuvenate and ground all who enter our doors. Relieve the body, mind & spirit of its imbalances before they manifest into something more serious.

At the Joyful Buddhas we are also passionate about working with children, our future generation. Children, as young as 4 are guided to look within, tapping into their inner world of love, creativity & knowledge. We aim to empower children to value their uniqueness, to enjoy their own space, to be aware of their thoughts and feelings & feel great about who they are.


Julie Sexton

Co-owner The Joyful Buddhas,
Healer, Lightworker, Guide, Reflexologist,
Yoga Instructor, Meditator, Mother,
Writer and Joyful Being.

Julie Sexton co-owner The Joyful Buddhas

Julie was a very deep feeling child and had a sense that her destiny lied in something that wasn't taught in schools, that she had a gift but didn't understand it.

In 1985 at 25 years old the mysteries of life started to reveal itself from knowledge within. Unconsciously she was being gently guided on a journey overseas being able to release deep feelings from her past and reconnect with the power of light and love within.

It was in 1987 that she was guided to learn about Reflexology and this was the beginning of a path to assist people in bringing their life back into balance and to the natural state of wellbeing. Being involved in healing helped Julie to gain greater insight into understanding the laws of the universe and the connection between the heart, mind and body.

Julie's desire to align with her higher self & fulfil her true purpose and potential has drawn her to participate in many courses and teachings over the years. These include NLP, kinesiology, counselling, rebirthing, Reiki, The Art of Living, massage, yoga and meditation.

In 2007 Julie travelled to England to train with Marneta Viegas, the creator of Relax Kids™. Working with children had become her hearts calling, helping them to realise their inner beauty and power and to feel the love of their spiritual connection. These creative, fun, empowering and calming classes allowed Julie's own inner child to heal through joy.

Meditation has become part of Julie's daily life and going within has deepened her connection to God, Divine Source Energy, and Julie channels this powerful vibration of LOVE to assist others on their path of healing and self discovery.

Heather Cripps

Co-owner The Joyful Buddhas,
Career and Personal Development,
Meditation & Mindfulness Coach & Martial Arts.
Mother, Wife, bringing out the best in others.

Heather Cripps

“Empowering others to realise their potential, guiding them to focus on their path and perform their best is my motivation for working in this field. Seeing the results in others inspires me to seek out deeper and wider understanding of techniques to coach others. This enhances my abilities to help others lead more fulfilling, satisfying lives, one person and one group at a time.”

Heather is a life coach, specializing in career development and meditation teacher. She helps people discover their true path and guide them as they find their way. She has been a student of martial arts (and mastery of mind and body) for over 20 years.

Heather has worked in the private sector, NGOs and in NPOs in various positions requiring her to lead, mentor and coach others. Through one on one coaching and research, development and facilitation of group programs, Heather has successfully led others to meet their true potential and enhance their lives. With her extensive skills and experience in Human Resources and facilitation, she specialises in Career Coaching.

Heather is qualified and experienced in the fields of International Relations (with a key focus on Human Rights Law, Negotiation and Global Human Movement) and Human Resource Management. While living in Asia, she studied at the Graduate School of Law in Japan.

Although Heather has many years of experience in coaching and meditation, she is constantly studying further in the fields of Meditation and Neuro Linguistics Programming. Heather believes that life-long learning is the key to a fulfilling life, as nothing is permanent, therefore all the more important to be flexible and constantly develop oneself in this ever-changing world.


Erin Swan

Remedial Massage Therapist
Mother, Wife, loving people and community.

Erin Swan


Erin Swan is a certified Remedial Massage Therapist who is very excited to be a part of the amazing and talented team at The Joyful Buddhas.

She moved to Victor Harbor almost 9 years ago with her wonderful husband and loves the laid back lifestyle and community feel of the Fleurieu Peninsula. They have two small children, who they enjoy watching develop and grow in this beautiful part of South Australia.

Erin completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2014. Her background is in Marketing (which she still dabbles in), but she was drawn to study massage as a way of helping others. She loves seeing the immediate effects it has on people physically and psychologically, and also the way it makes her feel after a session. 

Come in and meet Erin every Thursday, she is looking forward to it.


Rachel Tarone

Remedial and Therapeutic Massage, Reiki,
Traveller, Healer, Earth Lover, friend of the universe.

Rachel had been taught the importance of health and spiritual connection from an early age. Her growing interest in these areas and her passion for studying continued into adult life. She studied Beauty Therapy in 1997, Remedial Massage in 2004 and Reiki One in 2014.

Rachel loves travelling overseas so she can immerse herself in different cultures and seek out interesting and inspiring people. In particular, a trip to Cambodia in 2015 gave her an even greater sense of purpose and connection to her heart and soul.

Practicing massage allows her to nourish and nurture others both physically and spiritually.

Rachel embraces helping to heal and brings love and light to all.




Rachel Tarone



Jen Kirwan

Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist,
Advanced Practitioner in Australian Bush-flower Essences, Workshop Facilitator, Shell Essence Practitioner, and Renascent Gem Therapist

Erin Swan






Jen has a background in a range of holistic practices including nutrition, yoga, aromatherapy, meditation, ancient and modern breath, energy and bodywork modalities, sacred ceremony, heart focused practices and plant and earth medicines.  

A certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Advanced Practitioner in Australian Bush-flower Essences, Workshop Facilitator and Shell Essence Practitioner, and Renascent Gem Therapist, Jen draws from a range of techniques to facilitate flow, harmony and coherence.

Jen specialises in Gem Essence Consultations as well as the consultations for the Shell and Bushflower Essences.


Jayne Southwell

Yoga Instructor

Jayne Southwell

Rachel Willcocks

Yoga Instructor

Rachel Willcocks

Jayne is on a path of self discovery listening to her heart as source of guidence. Jayne has been studying and practicing the art of massage the past 7 years. This has led her along a journey of natural health and connecting with the bodys own healing intelligence. Jayne has previously traveled to India and around the globe getting in touch with the ancient (but if not more relevent now then ever) wisdom of Ayurveda - Science of life - Jayne most recently returned from her last trip to india where she completed her level 1 yoga teacher training with Shantarasa yoga school.

"Getting in touch with our true self and nature is a journey of love, as i myself have followed a path of self love and acceptance. It is finding the wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga - two sister sciences that brings us right back to the essence of life, encouraging us to look deep within to live wholly and simply through the heart. Our whole being is constantly rejuvinating and healing and I want to give people the space and the right tools to support and allow inner transformation. Offering Ayurvedic treatments and guiding yoga classes as i follow this path with an open heart learning every step of the way I hope to empower people to do the same, connecting with their full potential and living their truth."

Jayne also offers myo facial release, which is a intuitive gentle healing technique assisting in the release of deep holding patterns within the body and mind. Allowing you to let go of unwanted energy on a physical, mental and emotional level. It is a safe and very gentle technique to relieve pain and stress. Bringing the body and mind to a state of balance.

Rachel has been on the yogic path since her teenage years. Following that silent pull of a deeper understanding, it eventually guided her to combine her love for travel and yoga to complete her Level 1 Teacher Training, venturing into the depths of India at the tender age of 19. Drawn to the richness of culture and spirituality, she has since returned to India to deepen her practice and awareness of the yogic lifestyle and philosophies, continuing on to complete her Level 2 in Hatha Yoga.

"As much as I can I teach my own practice – raw, honest, and straight from the heart. Yoga has grounded me in many stages throughout my life, and it offered me the tools and lessons to grow, explore and transform, on and off the mat. The deeper you dive into the depths of your practice, the more it gives, and you can begin to discover that all the knowledge we require is already within us, if we just listen and let the language of the true self speak to you. I want to give my students the tools to connect on a deeper level, individually and universally. By shedding layers of ourselves that we no longer need and creating an open channel for positive energy, we can then allow the body to grow organically, building our inner light and healing on all levels, creating a greater peace of mind. But the best thing about it all – is that yoga represents something different for everybody. We are all students and we are all teachers on this journey, and I am blessed to be able to share this practice with others, and constantly learn from the beautiful people I meet along the way. "

Rachel is currently studying her Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, and plans to return to India to complete her Level 3 in Hatha Yoga studies.



The Joyful Buddhas Heath & Wellbeing Studio