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Surrender your body, mind & spirit to one of our loving therapists.
All offerings performed with loving kindness. Group Bookings welcome.

The Joyful Buddhas Treatments

Healing Therapies & Consults

Foot Reflexology

Assist in restoring your body to its natural state of wellbeing by experiencing
the benefits of this relaxing and powerful healing modality.

30mins @ $45   |    45mins @ $65   |    1hr @ $80   |    90mins @ $120   |    2hr @ $150


Foot, Hand and Face Reflexology

Assist in restoring your body to its natural state of wellbeing
by experiencing the benefits of this relaxing and powerful healing modality.

90mins @ $120   |    2hr @ $150


Intuitive Vibrational Healing

This beautiful healing is guided by spirit. Divine energy is channelled to release & heal experiences and
pain that have created resistance, disharmony and disconnection from your true essence.
By allowing yourself to let go of no longer needed patterns, emotions and vibrations you can move
forward in the direction of your dreams and experience a life of joy.
1hr @ $90


Reflexology and Energy Balance Combination

30mins @ $45   |    45mins @ $65   |    1hr @ $80   |    90mins @ $120   |    2hr @ $150


Essence Consultations
~ Australian Bush-flower ~ Shell ~ Renascent Gem ~

Vibrational Essences use the vital source of plants, shells & gems to assist the body's natural healing process.
The Essences aim to treat the whole person or animal rather than the symptoms of disease and are used to bring the harmonic properties of nature into the body to support and restore physical and mental health and vitality.

45mins @ $60


Joyful Buddhas Spinal Therapy

Utilising high quality oils with elements of touch that support spinal health and influence the
electro-magnetics of the body. Spinal therapy incorporates a variety of pure and high vibrational modalities and
healing tools with various application techniques to assist with structural alignment and particularly spinal health.
It supports the immune, respiratory and nervous systems; benefits the lymphatic system; assists with
detoxification, eases pain or discomfort and can also facilitate release
of unhealthy emotions on a cellular level.

60mins @ $120


Ear Candling

A calming non-invasive treatment used to induce a sense of calm, and promote healthy sinuses.
May help relieve headaches and congestion. Completed with a head, neck and sinus massage.

60mins @ $60


The Joyful Buddhas Treatments           The Joyful Buddhas Treatments

Massage & Spa Treatments

The art of massage provides numerous health benefits. Your circulation is improved stimulating the release of toxins and impurities, your muscles are manipulated releasing stress, tension, aches and pains, and your nervous system relaxes leaving you in a deep state of peace and calm. Many massage techniques offered at The Joyful Buddhas also work on your energy body, helping to create a free flow of prana (energy) through your nadis (energy channels). Feel relaxed, clear and calm today.


Therapeutic Oil Massage

All therapeutic oil massages are given using high quality organic oils.
Before your session your therapist will discuss your needs so that they can
determine the best techniques so that you receive full benefits.

30mins @ $45   |    45mins @ $65   |    1hr @ $80   |   90mins @ $120   |   2hr @ $150


Remedial Massage

Relieve pain, treat muscle soreness, increase range of motion and provide soft tissue
release using deep tissue, trigger point therapy and Myofascial Cupping Technique.

30mins @ $45   |    45mins @ $65   |    1hr @ $80   |   90mins @ $120   |   2hr @ $150


Thai Yoga Massage

Flowing series of acupressure, adjustments and yoga stretches.
Increase the range of movement, release knots, tension and energy blockages.

1hr @ $90   |   90mins @ $135   |   2hr @ $165


Indian Head Massage

Traditinal head, neck and spine massage with warm seasme oil.

30mins @ $45   |    45mins @ $65   |    1hr @ $80


Bowen Massage Therapy

30mins @ $45   |    45mins @ $65   |    1hr @ $80


Mother Nature's Facial

A nourishing facial using Australian made natural, organic, vegan and earth friendly products.

45mins @ $70


Ion Foot Detox Spa

Relax our feet in the ion detox foot spa to accelerate our bodies detoxification process.
This allows your body to rid itself of harmful toxins encouraging a more healthy and vibrant you!

1 person session @ $40   |   2 person session @ $70   |   Pack of 3 x 1 person sessions @ $100


The Joyful Buddhas Treatments

Mini Retreats


Buddhas Retreat

Spend some time with us & allow your body & mind to unwind with your choice of any 45min massage
combined with a class session in the studio and completed with a soothing herbal tea.

2hrs @ $85


Sole Retreat

Ease tired aching legs and cleanse your entire body and soul with a 1hr foot reflexology session
combined with a Ion Detox foot Spa. Leave feeling completely earthed.

2hrs @ $110


Balance Retreat

Leave feeling balanced and centred with a 45min reflexology/ energy balancing session combined with
a class session in the studio and finished with a soothing herbal tea.

2hrs @ $85


Lotus Retreat

Allow the beauty within to shine as you enjoy a 1hr organic massage,
Mother natures facial and a soothing herbal tea.

2hrs @ $150


Joyful Retreat

Balance all levels of your being with a 1hr organic massage, 1hr foot reflexology/chakra
balancing session and a soothing herbal tea.

2.5hrs @ $170


The Joyful Buddhas Treatments

Mind Empowerment & Life Coaching

Mind Empowerment & Life Coaching Sessions

Re-train your brain at any age and connect Mind, Body & Spirit to feel what it's like to be empowered.
Realise your true potential using modern and ancient techniques,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TimeLining, Conversational Hypnosis to:

• Eliminate unwanted emotions, limiting beliefs and habits
• Techniques to improve life with empowering beliefs, emotions & habits
• Enhance work, study, art & sports performance
• Find / re-kindle passion for life/purpose

1 session @ $120 (vary 45-90min)


Life Coaching / Empowerment Package

3 month coaching package for personal & professional development.

• 5 face to face sessions        • 5 personal phone calls for support & to check on progress

• Email contact for support and to follow up on opportunity work

@ $650


Private Meditaiton Session

Mindfullness, relaxation and contemplation meditation techniques,
stemming from global, ancient and modern practice.

1 person @ $50 – additional participants $16 each


May all beings be happy May all beings be healthy May all beings be free from disease and suffering May all beings be loved May all beings love



Group Bookings welcome.       Namaste image   Policies at The Joyful Buddhas.

 The Joyful Buddhas Heath & Wellbeing Studio