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The Joyful Path - Yoga and Self Care (a.k.a. The Joyful Buddhas), 70 Ocean Street, Victor Harbor South Australia 5211


All offerings performed with loving kindness.


A huge thank you to the gals at Joyful Buddhas for a wonderful weekend. ~ Tina xx

I cant thank Heather, Julie and Jen enough for such an amazing weekend. I have had the best time and met some amazing people. Thank you for helping me find myself again. ~ Xx Jess

Dear Heather, Julie and Jen, Thank you from the depths of my heart for this time of nourishment. We have been so blessed by your time, knowledge and experience. ~ ❤ Love Bec

My soul in nourished! By the delicious food, yoga and practices, this location and the treat of time to myself. Thank you, thank you. ~ Lauren xxx

To amazing Joyful women, Everything, yoga, wonderful food, meditations & empowerment. Everything was amazing for me! ❤ “my chemist” Thank you. ~ Susan

Dearest Heather, Julie and Jen, What beautiful souls. Thank you for the most enlightening, relaxing and enjoyable weekend. Yummy food and fantastic company. Many thanks. ~ ❤ Leanne

Hello Candice & Julie,
While I was driving in the noise, stink and craziness of peak hour traffic, on my way to work, I was grateful for the W/E I had just had. Thankyou for grounding me again & making me remember how important it is to look after myself. I'm sure I'll never excel at yoga but I have a whole lot of information to improve my exercise program, new recipes for my cooking and a renewal of positive thinking for my lifestyle. Thankyou for your understanding & being sensitive to my inexperience & limitations and not making me feel bad about it. All the best to you both. ~ Gloria

Hi Julie/Candice,

Thanks for a great yoga retreat weekend.
I left feeling grounded after having had a very stressful 6 weeks.

I found the atmosphere within the house very relaxing and the food was exceptional – even for a person who isn’t vegetarian!
I hadn’t realised how much I need to chill out and re-centre myself.

I will now be joining Julie in a ‘Living with Joy” meditation workshop to start taking better care of myself.
Thanks once again.  ~ Joan x

' I had such a great week and I felt so much better by the end of the week - healthier, lighter, happier and more flexible! I even did my own yoga practice today at home (though I do miss your studio space). Early morning yoga is the way to go.'  ~ Beck Pearce

'The early morning yoga and detox is a great way to start the day and reboot some healthy eating and lifestyle practices. Thanks once again!'

"I loved Julie's Relight Your Life Workshop. For me it has it all, as it incorporates all the things I love to do, dance, yoga, meditation and more delightful surprises.

I felt fantastic at the end. It was so rejuvenating, uplifting and empowering. I want to do it again and again. Everyone should treat themselves to this beautiful experience."    ~ Sharron

'After the six days of yoga I noticed an improvement in my strength, flexibility and balance. Something I didn't expect was that my skin felt and looked clearer.'

It set me up for success in the future for the city to bay run and continued weight loss. I also met some new friends. Thank you Candice and I look forward to the next one.   ~ Helen Irvine

"To Julie,
Thank you so much for your BRILLIANT workshop. All of our staff really enjoyed learning about relaxation and considered the handout a very helpful resource. Our favourite part was completing all the activities, especially at the end where we had the opportunity to relax and listen to the meditation CD’s.

We now have a better understanding of how the children feel and can remember the massages, activities, dance moves and yoga positions more because we’ve done it ourselves.

After the workshop, our staff have been using all the ideas from the workshop with their classes and the children love it. My Year 1 children worked with the Yr 5 students who were fantastic role models. They assisted my younger students by teaching them stretches, breathing, yoga and peer massage. At the end of each session the students look forward to choosing a ‘Star Card,’ and reading its lovely positive affirmation.

You can see the smiles on their faces. Parents have even commented about the ‘pizza massage’ that they are getting at home!

Relax Kids is a wonderful programme that I would recommend to parents and schools. Well done on an amazing job.
Thanks again ..."  ~ Serah, Yr 1 Teacher and Pastoral Care

"Candice's classes are a perfect balance. They are calming and refreshing, yet manage to encourage the body to perform - even after a long busy day. Her wonderful guidance takes you on a journey ... and with compassion."   ~ Sandra

Candice your yoga was invaluable during my pregnancy. I recalled and practiced quite a few things you had said during classes in my labour and it was a wonderful and amazing experience. Thank you and I look forward to rejoining classes in a little while. Namaste' ~ Bec

Regarding the yoga and meditation retreats that the owner, Julie, does, I have to say that it was magical, so magical, that I just went for a second time. The accommodation is luxurious, with ocean views to watch the whales and dolphins, the food was superb, everything about it was wonderful. I encourage anyone to attend, the best thing is that I did not have to get on a plane to interstate locations, or go to Bali. I have been to many retreats for the past 30 years, this was the best. Namaste. ~ Lynn-Maree

'We had a fabulous day and everyone agreed it was a perfect day and tops the list of hens day celebrations! The yoga was great and I think at least one of the girls is now a yoga convert. Thank you so much for your flexibility in dealing with numbers etc, I know that was a bit of a pain :) ~ Cassie - Lees hens day (19 November 2011)

Goldsborogouh logo"Thank you so much for the wonderful session you ran for our recent staff conference at Victor Harbor. The workshop was a great success and I would highly recommend The Joyful Buddhas to any organisation that is planning a training day or conference. You listened to our objectives and tailored ..." read more  ~ Susie Vincent, Chief Operating Officer, Goldsborough

I had such a nice weekend at the retreat. The food, accommodation & schedule was awesome! Surprisingly I really loved doing hours & hours of yoga. It has brought back my love for it. And i miss it already. I will try come down to your studio & get some lessons. I love the way you teach it. And would love to do another retreat in the future   ~ Bree

We've been looking forward to this for months. Just the word 'retreat' has gotten us through the chaos of Christmas and New Years, and now it is finally here!

We leave the hustle and bustle of the city on Friday afternoon. Only a short drive later we are up and over the hill, where the beautiful coastlines of the Fleurieu Peninsula await. We've been here many times before, but it still takes our breath away.

The address in Middleton is easy to find, and we know we're there when we see the sign out the front suggesting we 'leave our shoes, fears and worries at the door'. The house is stunning, the views from the main living space upstairs simply gorgeous.

Candice and Julie welcome us with warm smiles, open arms, and a light supper of divine coconut and kale soup, more than enough to keep us going through our first yoga class.

The stars come out as we are gently guided through the movements. It is hard not to open my eyes (which are supposed to be closed) to peek at them, so much brighter and clearer than our normal view of the night sky. The sound of the waves on the beach is almost as comforting as the soft sound of Candice's voice.

An early night beckons, in readiness for waking before dawn for more yoga. There is a part of me that demands lots of coffee if I'm going to get out of bed in the dark, but that little voice is surprisingly easy to ignore as we take out mats onto the deck and salute the rising sun. Before my stomach has even started to rumble we are finishing the class and heading inside for green smoothies and banana bread.

Free time before lunch, and we are both spoilt with massages. The small spots of tension that the yoga hadn't dealt with melt away under Mel's skillful hands. The cool breeze off the ocean and the ever-present sound of the waves make it too easy to drift away. Being massaged outside, and draped in a sheet warmed by the sun, takes the experience to a new and wonderful level.

We learn to make ghee and paneer under Candice's knowledgeable tutelage. The accompanying information sheets explain the medicinal and cosmetic uses for ghee. We'll never look at butter the same way again!

After a healthy lunch and more free time, another amazing meal awaits. It is hard to believe the delights we enjoy are also healthy and nutritious. The paneer we made that very day features in a spicy and flavoursome dhal that just begs for a second helping.

More yoga in the moonlight, after which we enter a period of silence where our only communication is inward, with ourselves. As a notorious chatterbox I worry about how I'll manage. We finish our practice and are provided with paper and pencils to draw mandalas until it is time for sleep. I had hoped all the contemplation might have brought out an inner artist in me, but – alas – my mandala will not be stuck on the fridge when I get home!

It is strange to wake and not say good morning to each other. We nod and smile awkwardly, and head onto the deck for sunrise yoga and meditation. The day dawns hot, and the beach beckons after yet another delicious meal. We have enough time for a nap before healing sessions with Julie, who kindly shares her wisdom, and her ability with us. I leave her table relaxed, and take away some food for thought I hadn't expected.

Our period of silence ends with lunch, our last meal together for this weekend. Candice has outdone herself with a wonderful spread that includes a chocolate tart that tastes far too good to be as healthy as we are assured it is. I thought we would all have a lot to say after being quiet all morning, but it takes us a while to warm up again. Mostly we all say thank you to Candice and Julie, for the food and the yoga and for just generally making our time together so special.

There is time for one more yoga class before we part ways. Our last session is gentle, slow and peaceful. I will miss the soft sound of Candice's voice, and vow to make more time for myself to breathe, and stretch, and relax.

As first time 'retreaters' with only minimal yoga experience, we had worried we might not keep up with the classes, or be too sore after the first day to go on. We were pleasantly surprised. The movements were easily adapted to suit each individual's ability level, and there was no pressure whatsoever to do anything that was beyond our means. Instead of being sore and stiff, I feel supple and healthy, inside and out. We leave the retreat with hugs and smiles, and cast wistful glances at the wide blue ocean as we drive back to the big smoke.

Some of the sessions finished with the words 'the light within me honours the light within you'. I am so grateful to Candice and Julie for sharing their beautiful light with us. I think we are both shining a little brighter now.   ~ Caitlin & Matt 2/2/14

The best thing you can do! highly recommend it.   ~ Anna


  The Joyful Path Yoga and Self Care